Episode 002: The Lastpass Breach and Recommended Password Managers

Welcome to episode two of The Lockdown - Practical Privacy and Security podcast. In this episode I share the saga of the LastPass breach, and my thoughts on password managers and authenticator apps.

This episode was recorded on March 19th, 2023

Show Links

  1. KeePassXC (Desktop)
  2. KeePassDX (Android only)
  3. Strongbox (iOS only)
  4. Bitwarden (Top recommendation for cloud hosted)
  5. 1Password (Ease of use, and great option for cloud hosted)
  6. Dashlane (Expensive, no desktop app)
  1. Authy
  2. Aegis (Android only)

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In the long run, we will have to rebuild the universe of the online world to have security first and ease of use second.”

- Moxie Marlinspike

Intro music: The Lockdown by Ray