Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Feb 1st, 2024

At The Lockdown, our commitment to your privacy is balanced with transparency regarding our website’s infrastructure and third-party services. We will NEVER share or sell any information to any third-party company. We do NOT use client-side analytics and trackers. We do NOT store any session cookies.

1. Website Framework

Our website is built using the Jekyll framework, resulting in a static HTML site. This means that, unlike dynamic sites (like those using WordPress), our site doesn’t process or store user data on the server. This static nature significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and enhances user privacy by minimizing the amount of data that could potentially be exposed. Furthermore, this approach allows for a faster, more streamlined user experience.

2. HTTPS Enforcement

We prioritize the security of data transmission. To this end, HTTPS is strictly enforced across our site, ensuring that all communications between your browser and our website are encrypted. This helps protect against eavesdropping and tampering by third parties. The use of HTTPS is a foundational element of our commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy digital environment for all our users.

3. Contact Form (updated Feb 1st, 2024)

For contact forms, we now use Netlify Forms to manage submissions. This change allows us to streamline our response process while maintaining a high standard of privacy and data security. Netlify’s handling of your information is governed by their privacy policy, which we encourage you to review here. Netlify Forms provides a secure and reliable way for you to communicate with us. We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your personal information is handled responsibly. Your submission through our contact form is subject to the terms outlined in Netlify’s privacy policy.

4. Podcasts

Our podcasts are delivered via BuzzSprout, a third-party service. It’s advisable to review BuzzSprout’s privacy policy, here, for more detailed information. We understand the importance of your privacy while enjoying our podcasts and have chosen BuzzSprout for their reputation and commitment to user privacy.

5. Server-Side Monitoring and Analytics

Unlike many websites that rely on client-side solutions like Google Analytics, The Lockdown utilizes server-side logging for site analytics. This data is sourced directly from our Content Delivery Network (CDN) server logs. Our approach ensures that site activity is tracked in an entirely anonymous fashion, without the use of cookies or any personally identifying information. This method aligns with our commitment to privacy and is fully compliant with GDPR standards. By analyzing server logs, we gain insights into website usage patterns to enhance user experience, while maintaining the anonymity and privacy of our users. This server-side methodology represents our dedication to upholding the highest standards of privacy and data protection in every aspect of our digital presence.

6. Embedded Video Content

For an enriched experience on the blog, we embed video content directly from Vimeo, a platform we have chosen for hosting video content. By watching these videos, you are subject to Vimeo’s privacy policy, which governs the collection and use of information gathered during your interaction with the video content. Vimeo may collect data such as IP address, browser type, and how you interact with the video, but no personal data is shared with us. We chose Vimeo for its commitment to privacy, aligning with our ethos. For more details on Vimeo’s data practices, please visit Vimeo’s Privacy Policy.


In summary, at The Lockdown, your privacy and security aren’t just legal terms in a privacy policy; they are the at core of our ethos. As a hub for insightful discussions through our podcast and future publications, we are committed to embodying the principles we advocate. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of our site—from the choice of a static HTML framework using Jekyll, enforcement of HTTPS, and our careful selection of third-party services like Formspree and BuzzSprout to deliver content to you. Trust and transparency are at the core of The Lockdown, just as they are at the core of every conversation we start and every story we tell.